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Zayne Carrick, the only male offspring of the banker Arvan and the gardener Reiva, is also their only Force-sensitive child, with a proficiency for the Force that Vandar Tokare identifies as "marginal." As the worst Padawan of his class, he is initially worried about his chance to receive the rank of Jedi Knight, but when he is framed for the Padawan Massacre of Taris, a crime committed by his Masters, his life and good name become his primary concerns; and even when Zayne does discover the truth about the massacre, he still has to find someone to believe him.

Zayne is the protagonist of the Knights of the Old Republic series. An overarching theme is his quest to clear his name, which he hopes to accomplish by getting one of the Masters to confess. His grasp of the Force strengthens gradually as the plot progresses.

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