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Prior to Season Eight

For extensive background prior to the Season Eight, please see either the Xander Harris @ Wikipedia or Xander Harris @ Buffyverse Wiki.

Season Eight

After his friends Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg imbued all "potential slayers" with magical powers from the Scythe, Xander Harris stepped into a role of command leader. While Buffy and other slayers go out on missions, he monitors and assists their progress from The Castle in Scotland. Due to his new role and eye patch, he jokingly likes to refer to himself as Sergeant Fury.

He has started to become romantically involved with the Slayer Renee.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


In a world based around demons, witchcraft, and Slayers, Xander represents one of the few characters in the Buffyverse that has had little to no powers beyond that of a normal human being. Xander represents the importance of everyday humans in the struggle against evil since he has proven that even an "average" person can make a difference and save the world. He possesses no special powers or abilities, but he gains much experience from battling by Buffy's side. As Buffy explains to the Watchers' Council, Xander has clocked more field time than all of the Watchers combined. His powers of persuasion and empathy are often his most useful assets. For example, Xander saves the world from Willow using only his words in the episode "Grave."

In Season Eight, his military knowledge gives him the leadership of a government-described "army" of Slayers, witches and seers, viewed as an international "terrorist" organization. The organization which he heads alongside Buffy carries high-tech and magical weaponry. Xander oversees the efforts of Willow, Dawn, Buffy and his Slayers through cameras and earpieces.


Regular human abilities.

Strength level

Regular human strength.


Regular human weaknesses.