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Walter is a brutish, zombie-like enforcer, who is invulnerable and has superhuman stamina. His origins remain unknown and he has become one of the few enemies who can truly harm the Mask.

Walter used to work as a bodyguard and enforcer for the notorious drug dealer, Eugene Rapaz. While protecting Rapaz, Walter confronted The Mask and almost beat him, but he was outmatched, although he wasn't killed.[1]

Walter was soon arrested and taken prisoner to the Dover State Penitnentiary, where he gained a dangerous reputation.[2] Not long after this, Walter was released on early parole thanks to mob boss Don Mozzo's manipulations,[3] who then recruited Walter to protect him from "Big Head".[4] Walter confronted The Mask, only this time, it was Katherine wearing the object. She eventually grew tired of the destruction caused by them and surrendered, but before Walter could finish her, he was crushed by Lieutenant Kellaway's car and he fell to his apparent death.[5]

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