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Quote1.png Blood for Hecate! Quote2.png
-- Vladmir Giurescu  

Vladmir Giurescu was a strong and powerful warlord of unknown origin, who fought in legendary battles all across Europe. Giurescu fought for over a hundred years, yet did not stop aging. Even through critical injury that could prove fatal to humans, Giurescu would return to battle in under a month. During World War II, Adolf Hitler sent a delegation led by Ilsa Haupstein to recruit Giurescu for the war effort. At some point, Haupstein and Giurescu fell in love, and Haupstein discovered that Giurescu was a vampire, and for that reason he could survive for hundreds of years, and through critical wounds. Giurescu and Hitler met in 1944, yet not long after, Hitler ordered for Giurescu to be executed. By the end of the year Giurescu and his "Family" were impaled and beheaded. But this was not the end of Vladmir Giurescu. Hans Ubler, the owner of of a freak show in Berlin, popular with Heinrich Himmler's inner circle of mystic scientists, smuggled Giurescu's body out of Germany in 1945. Under the alias Howard Steinman, Ubler keppt Giurescu's corpse in a wax museum that he owned and operated in New York City. In 1996, Ilsa Haupstein shot Steinman to death inside his wax museum and stole back the body of Vladmir Giurescu. Haupstein had the body placed in at the heart of Castle Giurescu, where the full moon shone upon him, restoring Giurescu. However, Giurescu was attacked by Hellboy, who had discovered that the vampire ritual was conducted through the witch goddess Hecate, partly making Giurescu her "son". Giurescu escaped, but Hellboy had destroyed Hecate's body. At the urging of Grigori Rasputin, and a the servant of the Baba Yaga, Koku, Haupstein entrapped herself in an iron maiden. Hecate then managed to use this iron maiden as a new iron body fueled by Haupsteins's blood. Hecate then repowered Giurescu, using her blood. Giurescu then attacked a helpless Hellboy. But in order to survive in using the iron maiden, Hecate had to sacrifice Giurescu. Without Hecate's blood to power him, Giurescu's body exploded.

At some point Giurescu's remains were taken to a crypt near Lucca, Italy. There Igor Bromhead learned from him that Hecate now bears the heart of Giurescu's one time lover, Ilsa Haupstein. Bromhead summons Hecate, and using the secret name Ilsa Haupstein binds her there. Bromhead removed Haupstein's body from the Iron Maiden. He bricked them up together within in the crypt, Giurescu's skeletal arms embracing his lover.

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Often carries a sword.



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