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Third Look at HOLLOW from BOOM! Studios - Charles LePage - 2022/06/25 23:30

Discover even more about the brand new original graphic novel from ‘Lumberjanes’ co-creator Shannon Watters in this third look at HOLLOW. The press release follows: Media Release — BOOM! Studios revea...

ComicList Previews: SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN #24 - Charles LePage - 2022/06/25 21:23

While Cutter’s machinations continue to unfold at the House of Slaughter, Erica has tracked a terrifying new enemy within a small town in New Mexico. With her past quickly catching up with… The post C...

First Look at GAMBIT #1 from Marvel Comics - Charles LePage - 2022/06/25 21:03

Starting on July 27, Chris Claremont will up with artist Sid Kotian for a five-part GAMBIT limited series. The press release follows: Media Release — The legend returns! Chris Claremont, the writer… T...

Trending Comics: Spotting the Keys - Matt Tuck - 2022/06/25 19:30

Gorr the God Butcher, Ms. Marvel, and the Spot were trending across social media, and it caused their keys to climb the Hottest Comics ladder this week. Let’s dive in to this… The post Trending Comics...

ComicList Previews: SILVER SURFER REBIRTH #5 (OF 5) - Charles LePage - 2022/06/25 18:33

THE BIG FINALE! Silver Surfer and Thanos must stop Tyrant from using the full power of the Reality Gem! But will Surfer be able to resist his own temptation to use the… The post ComicList Previews: SI...

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