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ComicList Previews: LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN VOLUME 4 THE TEMPEST TP - Charles LePage - 2022/01/21 02:19

Welcome to the story to end all stories. Two decades of literary League lunacy have all been building to this, the most ambitious meta-comic imaginable. After an epic twenty-year journey through the…...

Dynamite to publish four 50 cent issues this April - Charles LePage - 2022/01/21 01:53

Classic Dynamite key issues are going to be reprinted this April at the low, low cost of 50¢ each. The press release follows: Media Release — Whether one has holes in their… The post Dynamite to publi...

Red Sonja lives a really long time in IMMORTAL RED SONJA - Charles LePage - 2022/01/21 01:22

Dynamite’s IMMORTAL RED SONJA will feature Arthurian mythos, written by Dan Abnett. The press release follows: Media Release — Acclaimed comics and prose scribe Dan Abnett returns to the mythos of Kin...

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Image Comics with the IMAGE! anthology - Charles LePage - 2022/01/21 00:55

Image Comics is going to celebrate its 30th anniversary by issuing the IMAGE! anthology this April. The press release follows: Media Release — Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Image Comics with the…...

Archie Comic Publications April 2022 Solicitations - Charles LePage - 2022/01/20 21:23

The kind folks at Archie Comic Publications have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products scheduled to ship starting April 2022. ARCHIE BITE SIZED ARCHIE VOL. 1 (TR) W...

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