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Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Claude DeCastilane has the ability of clairvoyance, precognition & retrocognition.

Specifically Claude can see various points into the future or the past. Whether it be a glimpse mere moments in advance or events days in advance or for past vision, he can see years and sometime centuries into the past.

Claude also has the ability, through physical skin to skin touching, to temporarily give other people the ability to predict future events. However, this ability only lasts while he is touching the other person. When the contact is broken, the other person looses the ability instantly.

Claude can also manifest a physical side to his precognitive powers, sometime future events will appear as writing or pictographs all over his naked body. The writing or pictures will later either fade away or change depending on the outcome of events.

Strength level

Claude has the strength level of a man his age who engages in semi-regular excersize.


In very cold situations, his penis will shrink to a very small size, which makes reading prediction that appear on the organ hard to decipher.


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