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Twilight is apparently the Big Bad of Season Eight of Buffy:The Vampire Slayer.

Twilight is the mysterious leader of a cult who plans to bring about the End of Magic. He confronted Buffy Summers while she was slaying vampires, knocking her fellow Slayer Satsu unconscious, claiming that he came "just to talk". After a short battle, Twilight departed leaving Buffy alive; his aim was to strip her of her moral certainty. He also revealed that he is working in conjunction with the United States Military (with General Voll in particular) in order to find a way to de-power the hundreds of Slayers worldwide. He is first partially seen in the opening pages of Issue #1 floating above the cathedral that Buffy, Satsu, Rowena, and Leah had just battled in.

End of Magic

In relation to limited series Fray, the event known as the "End of Magic" is said to have happen in the not-to-distant future. It involves all demons and forms of magic being banished from this dimension. Twilight is said to be the one to bring about the end of magic, although the details behind it remain vague. Fray's Watcher Urkonn related to her this story and said they do not know what happened to the "last Slayer" (assumed to be Buffy); the comic panels, however, show a human hand being banished along with the demons.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Twilight can fly with great ease and seems to have maintained a great level of maneuverability, able to fight in mid-flight. He also possesses great strength and has mastered several fighting skills. Buffy has met him only once, so far, an encounter in which he easily bested both Buffy and Satsu.


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