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Appearing in "A Perfect Life"

Featured Characters:

  • Umbrella Academy
    • Luther Hargreeves/Number One/Spaceboy
    • Diego Hargreeves/Number Two/The Kraken
    • Allison Hargreeves/Number Three/The Rumor
    • Number Four/The Séance
    • Number Five/The Boy


  • Temps Aeternalis
    • Carmichael
    • Hazel
    • Cha-Cha

Other Characters:

  • Agnes
  • Perseus Corp., L.L.C.
    • Mr. Perseus
    • Mr. Tor
    • Mr. Hollingstone
  • Sir Reginald Hargreeves/The Monocle (Vision)
  • John F. Kennedy Template:Photo
  • Dr. Pogo Template:Statue
  • Mr. Perseus' father (Mentioned)
  • C.I.A. (Mentioned)


  • The City
    • Downtown
    • The Perseus Building
    • The Umbrella Academy (location)
  • Texas (Mentioned)
    • Dallas (Mentioned)
  • India (Mentioned)
  • Ancient Egypt (Mentioned)
  • Atlantis (Mentioned)

Synopsis for "A Perfect Life"

Cha-Cha shot Hazel in the head before shooting himself, as well, allowing Agnes to untie Klaus while Luther still laid paralyzed on the floor. Carmichael briefed Temps Aeternalis agents on their mission to assassinate John F. Kennedy. After Klaus and Luther returned to the Umbrella Academy, they and Diego decided to follow Fives to 1963, although they had not deactivated the nuclear detonator in Downtown earlier, resulting in an explosion.


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