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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Walter
  • Don Cesare Mozzo
  • Steven Listor

Other Characters:

  • David Bonneville (Final appearance; Dies)
  • Judge Daley


  • Police Department


Synopsis for the 1st Story

Katherine and Kellaway discuss the current situation and they agree that the Mask is too dangerous for anyone to have. Kellaway tells Katherine that they can form a "partnership" by having the Mask locked in a drawer at his house, but Katherine would take the key with her.

Elsewhere, the Police finally locate Walter, after the brute murders one of Don Cesare Mozzo's thugs with his bare hands. However, when Walter is taken to trial for his crimes, he manages to get an early release thanks to Steven Listor, who is still working for Mozzo. When Kellaway goes to the Police Department a few days later to clean his desk after being fired, he learns about Listor's involvement with Mozzo's gang and he loses his temper again.

That night, when Katherine gets home, she notices that Kellaway had been calling her and after listening the message, she learns that he had called asking for the key. Since the call was a few hours ago, Katherine assumes that Kellaway has thought about his decision and has cooled off, but just to be sure, she calls back and her call is ignored since Kellaway has already broken the drawer's lock with an axe and has taken the Mask.

At that moment, the Mask shows up at Listor's office, where he drags the corrupt Assistant District Attorney into his office, but the police has spotted the Mask and they call for severe back-up. Minutes later a large group of police officers have gathered outside the building, while the Mask tortures Listor and searches the whole place hoping to find incriminating evidence. When the police decide to move in, they find Listor wrapped and trapped with several evidence to lock him away for a long time.

Down on the streets, a deranged Listor is taken away while Lionel and the Captain are approached by the Mask. The "big headed freak" wants some recognition for having exposed such a criminal and he also demands that Lieutenant Kellaway is reinstated. However, the Captain orders his men to fire at the Mask and a barrage of bullets are fired at him, without success. This only causes the Mask to become infuriated. Going on a rampage, the Mask attacks several officers until he gets to the Captain. It is then that Lionel challenges him to a fist fight and the Mask beats the cop to a pulp. As a final hit, Mask attempts to kill Lionel by placing a dynamite in his mouth, but Kellaway's humanity starts fighting the Mask's killer instincts. Like this, Lionel is dropped and the Mask takes the bomb elsewhere and once it explodes, the only thing left is dust and ashes.

Later, Katherine goes to Kellaway's place, determined to take the Mask away from Kellaway and put it somewhere where nobody could find it, but unaware to Kat, Kellaway has lost his mind and is currently in his basement with a bag of quick drying cement and a recently covered hole in the ground, indicating that he has already buried the Mask.


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