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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Hedelman


  • Eugene Rapaz (Final appearance; Dies)
  • Steven Listor

Other Characters:

  • Lank (Only appearance; dies)


  • Police Department


Synopsis for the 1st Story

Lieutenant Kellaway overlooks the night city as The Mask, thinking about how he could make best use of his new powers and abilities. When he spots a street gang harrasing an honest truck driver, the Mask goes into action and beats the gang to a pulp, saving the truck driver. Elsewhere at that moment, Eugene Rapaz finds one of his old "clients" and tries to provide him more drugs. The junky tries to escape, fearing for his life, but his escape attempt is stopped by Walter, Rapaz's bruttish enforcer and the junky finds himself at Rapaz's mercy.

The next day, Kellaway arrives at his office, unrested and he learns that the police is on the trail of a madman responsible of beating criminals. Kellaway inquires if there are any known suspects and when his colleagues' answer is negative, he relaxes and tells them that it shouldn't be a big concern. However, when Kellaway is summoned to forensics to inform him about the recently found body of an overdosed drug addict, he is furious as he knows Rapaz is responsible for killing them as they are the most likely to testify against him in court. By killing them with drugs, he makes it look as if it was an accidental overdose and the police can't nail Rapaz. To make matters worse, Rapaz's lawyer, Steven Listor taunts Kellaway as they are completely unable to prove anything against his client.

After a long work day, Kellaway returns home and he decides to wear the Mask. However, the phone rings and he is forced to take it off to talk to Katherine, who calls to make sure that the Mask is properly locked away after she learned about the unusual activities of a "madman" around town. Kellaway convinces her that everything is under control and Katherine believes him and moves on with her night, as does Kellaway.

Moments later, a drug addict approaches Rapaz's trading place, but he notices there's someone with the drug dealer. Rapaz is talking to an aggressive man, who threatens him to turn himself to the authorities. Walter goes into action and tosses the man into a vehicle across the street. However, what should've killed a regular man, barely scratches the Mask, who stands and holds his ground against a second attack by Walter. The Mask shoots Walter, apparently killing him, but the bruttish hulk is still alive and he manhandles the Mask with amazing strength. In the struggle, the Mask is shot through the head, but still unharmed, yet bloody, he grabs a couple of high-tension cables and knocks Walter unconscious, at least, momentarily. Rapaz realized he had lost and he starts running with the Mask following closely. When the two of them are out of sight, the drug addict comes out of the shadows after witnessing the whole scene.

The Mask soon catches up to Rapaz and much to the drug dealer's surprise, he is friendly to him. After having some laughs, Mask leaves Rapaz, but he drops his cigar. A few moments later, Rapaz realizes the cigar is a bomb, but it's much too late for him as he is blown to pieces.

At seven in the morning of the next day, Kellaway's partner, Lionel, calls him to inform him about Rapaz's murder. Kellaway is confident that his secret is safe, but once Lionel tells him that the suspect has been confirmed as "big head" thanks to an eye-witness, Kellaway feels true fear.


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