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Synopsis for the 1st Story

At the city's hospital, Lieutenant Kellaway has recovered from his coma and a celebration takes place in his room, with his partner Lionel and Wanda, the nurse. Although Kellaway learns that "Big-Head" is back in action, Lionel tries to keep as much details as possible concealed from Kellaway.

Meanwhile, the Mask (Katherine), recovers after Walter shot her in the chest with a shotgun. As she stands up, Walter shoots her again in the lower back and then he kicks her through several boxes. Mask recovers and shoots Walter in the shoulder, but the man is not slightly injured and returns the attack with a wooden plank to the Mask's head. Don Mozzo tries to convince Walter to stop fighting, giving Mask a chance to escape. Hiding behind some boxes, Katherine takes off the Mask, unaware that Walter has started to follow her. When the brute finds her, Kat points him towards the place where "Big Head" had run to. Walter starts walking in that direction while Kathy runs the opposite way, but seconds later, Walter realizes the truth and turns around to chase her.

The "MasKatherine"

Katherine contemplates how dangerous the Mask is and she decides to throw it to the river, but before she could toss it, Walter sneaks up on her and tries to grab her. Kathy avoids Walter's grasp and puts on the Mask again to confront him. At first, Kathy tries to bring Walter down only with her hands, but when the brute is not even scratched, she starts using heavy weapons. Don Mozzo has had enough destruction in his properties and so he decides to call the Police to let them know about the fight between Walter and "Big Head".

At that moment, Lionel gets ready to leave the hospital when he is informed about the Big Head situation. Kellaway hears the reports and learns that "Big Head" is now a woman, which makes him realize the truth. Without warning Lionel, Kellaway sneaks out of his room and goes to the parking lot of the hospital, where he steals a car and drives towards the docks, in order to save Katherine from the Mask.

At the docks, the fight continues and the two juggernauts break into an oil warehouse. Walter uses all of his arsenal to eliminate Mask, but nothing works and the Mask simply descends further into madness, using a flamethrower against his opponent. Katherine recovers control of her actions and stops burning Walter, who is still looking fine despite the damage.

Walter, the Invincible

Outside, the police have surrounded the area, but that doesn't stop Kellaway from driving past the security limits with the stolen vehicle. Inside the burning warehouse, Walter has gained the upper hand and is trying to remove the woman's head from the body, without success as her neck stretches like rubber. When Katherine decides she's had enough, she takes off the Mask and gives it to Walter, assuming that is what the brute wants. After dropping the Mask however, Kellaway runs his vehicle inside the warehouse and drops out of it while the car's momentum causes it to crash against Walter and drive him through the other end of the warehouse where it drops into the water along with burning oil containers.

Katherine and Kellaway make it out of the burning warehouse leaving everything behind and when Lionel arrives, he is shocked to learn that Kellaway has eliminated "Big Head", but being absolutely honest, even Kellaway is unsure of that.


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