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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Lionel
  • Captain
  • Maks's Thugs (Only appearance; dies)
  • Benny
  • Tommy
  • Pepe


  • Eugene Pescado (Only appearance; dies)
  • Don Mozzo (First appearance)
  • Howard

Other Characters:

  • Francis Albert (First appearance)
  • Walter


  • Miami
  • Dover State Penitentiary


Synopsis for the 1st Story

For almost a week, the former driver for Don Mozzo's gang has become the new underworld leader in the city thanks to The Mask. Katherine approached him in order to seduce him and the fool has allowed Kathy into his gang. The remaining members of Mozzo's gang have joined their new leader as Mozzo finds himself away in Miami. However, the killing of all other gang lords in the city has earned The Mask new enemies, mostly from families of his victims. When the Pescado gang from Philadelphia confronts The Mask for the murder of one of them, they are easily brutalized by The Mask, thanks to his powers and much to Kathy's horror. After the situation is under control, one of The Mask's thugs asks if it would be wise to relocate since the police might be on their trail. The Mask gets frustrated at the man, but Kathy manipulates him to find a more "private" place for them.

In the meantime, Don Mozzo uses his influences over the authorities to manipulate Parole Board Chairman Francis Albert into making him a very important favor. Not long after this at the Dover State Penitentiary, Walter is informed that he would be released early by the parole board.

At that moment, the Captain of the Police Departmen talks to Detective Lionel and asks him to investigate the "Big-Head" case to relief some of the pressure from him. Lionel agrees only because it is his duty and as he leaves the office, he reproaches the Captain for not visiting Kellaway at the hospital, even after learning that the man was in a coma.

At night, The Mask has taken his gang and Kathy to Don Mozzo's private retreat in the outskirts of the city. All the thugs stay in the living room, eating and drinking while The Mask takes Kathy to the master bedroom upstairs. He takes off his clothes, in eager expectation, but Kathy asks him to remove the mask. He strongly refuses and Kathy turns on him, ready to leave the bedroom, which causes the man to reconsider. The driver's personality starts fighting The Mask for control and in the end, the stuttering driver ends up victorious in the struggle, removing the Mask and tossing it in bed. The meekly man tries to explain his unfortunate love life to Kathy, but she has drawn a gun and is pointing it to him.

Kathy is Gone!

Kathy apologizes for having manipulated him, but what she truly wants is to dispose The Mask safely and prevent anyone else from using it. The man acts in desperation and tries to grab the Mask, but Kathy shoots the gun first.

The thugs downstairs hear the gunshots and they investigate. They spot Kathy running upstairs towards the attic, but first they check the corpse of the man in the bed. They recognize him as Little Nunzio, their driver and after making sure he is dead, they go looking for Kathy, who is hopelessly trapped in the attic. When the thugs break the door down, Kathy knows she has no place to run and before giving to despair, she knows there is only one way out. The thugs break into the room, but they find it empty and seconds later, they are all riddled by bullets coming from below them, where Katherine is standing, holding large and heavy firearms and wearing The Mask for the second time in her life.


  • The first time that Katherine used the Mask was in Mayhem #1.


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