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Appearing in "Mask War"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Don Mozzo's Thugs (Only appearance; dies)
  • Calucci (Only appearance; dies)
  • Asian Mafia
  • Mr. Yung (Only appearance; dies)
  • Jackie (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Walter
  • Alphonse
  • Giuseppe Pescado (Only appearance; dies)


  • Dover State Penitentiary


Synopsis for "Mask War"

Don Mozzo's thugs go after Kellaway after he killed several members of their gang and they break into Kellaway's home at night. The trio of thugs try to kill Kellaway, but the former Lieutenant puts up and fight and manages to sneak back to the basement, where he hopes to retrieve the Mask that he buried earlier. Unfortunately, the thugs get to him before he could retrieve the Mask and they shoot him in the back. With their job done, the thugs take the Mask with them in order to give it to their mob leader.

The trio join a fourth thug outside, who was awaiting for them to drive the getaway car. The thugs make fun of their driver for his constant stutter. The thug in the backseat pranks the driver by pulling the Mask over his face, unaware of the consequences. The Mask soon takes control of the vehicle and starts driving at top speed only to stop abruptly at the trio's request. The sudden break launches them all out through the windshield and the impact kills all of them, except for The Mask, who leaves the place, completely unharmed.

Meanwhile at the Dover State Penitentiary, Walter has become an inmate and the prison is slowly getting used to his prison.

The next day, The Mask goes to Don Mozzo's headquarters, where he takes control of the mob's operations by force. The thugs decide to follow The Mask's leadership and so The Mask starts killing every other mob boss to eliminate any competition to accomplish his ultimate goal of becoming the ruler of the underworld.

Meanwhile at the Hospital, Lionel and Katherine stay together by Kellaway's side, who is still badly injured and recovering from the attack at his home. Kat blames herself for giving Kellaway The Mask, but Lionel doesn't understand what she is talking about. Kate finally decides to take matters into her own hands and by night, The Mask is informed that a woman wants to talk to him. Much to his delight, The Mask is shockingly aroused in the presence of a stunningly gorgeous Katherine.


  • The events of this issue take place a month after the events of The Mask #4.
  • The name of the new person holding the Mask in revealed in the next issue.


  • This issue included a cutout mask of "The Mask".

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