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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

  • Stanley Ipkiss

Supporting Characters:

  • Tina Carlyle
  • Milo
  • Mitch Kellaway
  • Doyle


  • Dorian Tyrell
  • Freeze
  • Sweet Eddy
  • Peggy Brandt (Final appearance; Dies)
  • Niko

Other Characters:

  • Mayor Mitchell Tilton
  • Niko
  • Murray
  • Bobby
  • Mr. Dickey


  • Coco Bongo


Synopsis for the 1st Story

Adapted from The Mask film.

Stanley Ipkiss wakes after dreaming with Tina Carlyle and decides to wear the Mask to go to the Coco Bongo, but first he goes to the bank to "take" some money, beating some of Dorian's thugs to the hit.

At the Coco Bongo, The Mask is shockingly stunned by the gorgeous Tina and her performance, which prompts him to go to the stage and have a crazy dance with her. At that moment, Dorian's men arrive and they tell their boss that the man dancing with Tina is repsonsible for their failure. Dorian and his men confront The Mask, who had just ended his dance with a kiss and they want to take away the stolen money from The Mask. Using his powers, The Mask creates a distraction until Lt. Mitch Kellaway arrives and he gets a chance to escape.

The next morning, Kellaway visits Stan once again, still suspicious about Stanley's involvement with The Mask. Later at the bank, Tina visits Stanley and she asks him to arrange a meeting with The Mask after he tells her that he knows the man. At that moment, Peggy Brandt learns that Dorian is looking for The Mask and she decides to help him get to him.

That night, Stanley and Tina meet at the park and when Stanley leaves, The Mask appears. He tries to romance the lady, but Kellaway arrives and tries to arrest the Mask. The news reach Penny who decides to go to the park as soon as possible. Meanwhile, The Mask has managed to avoid Kellaway, but the entire police army is waiting for him outside the park. Once again, The Mask uses his powers and sends all of the police department dancing "The Cuban Pete", giving him a chance to escape.

Once out of danger, Stanley removes The Mask and he jumps into Peggy's car, unaware that she is taking him to Dorian. The thug takes the Mask from Stanley and wears it, gaining amazing powers. Dorian kills Peggy and then he goes to Stanley's apartment to retrieve the money. While they are doing this, Milo follows their car back to the police department, where they drop Stanley with a fake Mask.

Stanley is locked in prison and he is visited by Tina, but when she leaves Stanley notices that she's being followed by Dorian's men. Looking through the window bars, Stanley spots Milo and the dog jumps towards his cell and helps Stan escape from prison. Stan grabs a gun and takes Kellaway as a hostage to the Coco Bongo, where Dorian has planned to become ruler of the underworld.

Inside the bar, Stanley is captured by Dorian's men and Tina distracts him by asking one last kiss without the Mask. Dorian takes off the Mask and Tina kicks it out of his hands. Milo jumps and grabs the Mask and wears it accidentally, becoming a Mask-Dog. Milo helps Stan get rid of Dorian's thugs and later, Stan removes the Mask from Milo and wears is himself to save Tina and stop Dorian for good.

After the real criminals are arrested, Stanley is free from all charges against him and when he and Tina decide to start a relationship and they drop the Mask to the river.


  • The film is different from the movie in several instances.
  • The scene with the Mask expert is removed from the adaptation.
  • The death of Peggy was removed from the final cut of the film, although it was printed in the adaptation.


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