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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

  • Joe Gilmore/Marshal Law

Supporting Characters:

  • Gale-Force


  • Danny Mallon/The Mask/The Sleepman

Other Characters:

  • Commissioner McGland
  • Willis Hood/Father Hood
  • The Public Spirit (Mentioned)
  • Virago/Mrs. Mallon (Mentioned)
  • Suicida (Mentioned)


  • San Futuro
    • San Simeon
    • Torture Chamber
    • S.H.O.C.



Synopsis for the 1st Story

After bonding with the Mask, Danny claimed his father's former home of San Simeon. Danny conversed with a wire replica of his mother and read his father's log and attempted to replicate his deeds, but ended up killing many people. Then, he decided that he was going to kill Marshal Law. At the S.F.P.D. HQ, Commissioner McGland briefed Marshal Law and Gale-Force on Danny's return and his new Mask. Marshal Law was conflicted, wanting to retire from hunting superheroes, but also wanted to put an end to Danny. Meanwhile, Danny entered a strip club called the Torture Chamber and killed a bouncer and a fellow patron. Gale-Force, who was in the club, found Danny and informed Marshal Law. Danny chained up Gale, before Marshal Law arrived and freed her. Then, Marshal Law and Gale engaged Danny in a gunfight. Marshal Law told Danny to kill himself, which only convinced him to use the Mask to turn into Suicida. Then, Marshal Law told Danny that he loved him, convincing him to turn into "Wire Mother." Wire Mother "gave birth" to Danny, releasing him from her body and prompting him to turn into the Sleepman and destroying Marshal Law's ship. Marshal Law punched Danny, calling him "bacteria" and "slime", causing the Mask to come off and Danny to claim that he "must be himself." Marshal Law beat up Danny, who didn't resist, but didn't kill him, claiming that the old him would have done so. At S.H.O.C., Marshal Law volunteered to try on the Mask, which reignited his desire to kill superheroes.


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