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Scooby Gang

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Base Of Operations
Scotland; formerly Sunnydale, California

Organization Leader(s)
Rupert Giles; Buffy Summers

Current Members

Former Members
Anyanka; Cordelia Chase; Tara Maclay; Daniel "Oz" Osbourne; Riley Finn

Slayers; Angelus; Spike; Faith Lehane; Robin Wood

Vampires; Amy Madison; Warren Meers; Drusilla

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The Scooby Gang, or "Scoobies", is the core group formed after the arrival of Buffy Summers to Sunnydale and who battle the supernatural forces of evil and who assist her in her duties as the Slayer.

The Scooby Gang usually take an unimpressed, flippant attitude towards extraordinary events and supernatural occurrences. Originally a group of teenage friends attending Sunnydale High in a town build on top of a Hellmouth, the group gradually expanded, eventually merging with the Watchers Council to become a global organization, dealing with demonic threats worldwide and training thousands of Slayers. In the beginning, Buffy often had to protect her friends from monsters, but over the course of the series most of them gained superpowers and fighting skills of their own, with Xander the only notable member with no mystical abilities or connection to the supernatural. Due to the show's strong themes of female empowerment, the most powerful members of the team are often female (Buffy and Willow), while the men play passive roles such as that of father-figure (Giles) and supportive best friend (Xander). Also, in keeping with the show's themes of redemption and moral ambiguity, many of the Scoobies have at some point in their lives been evil and even murdered people before, but are now fighting on the side of good.

Season Eight Core Group

For previous season descriptions, see Scooby Gang entry at Buffyverse.

At least initially, in Season Eight, the Scoobies are scattered across the world. In addition to the primary gang, there are short of 2000 Slayers, many of which work with the expanded organization in addition to witches, psychics and other staff. The core Scoobies now each act as important figures in the new Watcher's Council and maintain a role of leadership and authority amongst the Slayers they employ. With the group scattered, communication is maintained primarily through phone calls and the group leaders (in particular the core three) now assume more superheroic positions and parallels than in previous seasons. Former allies in Season 7 such as Andrew and Rona now lead squads of their own.


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