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Osiris Club

Official Name
Osiris Club

Organization Identity

Current Members
E.T. Hatton

Former Members
Sir Albert, Lord Hamilton, Lord Radford

During a seance conducted by Miss E.T. Hatton and six members of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra, the spirit Lazod visited, gifted them with immortality, and tasked them in seeing the last days of man to see to cut off Hellboy's Right Hand of Doom to elevate themselves over what remains of civilization.

Place of Formation
Surrey, England


First appearance

Dark Horse Presents #151


On September 2, 1866, six members of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra - including three high-ranking members - visited the mystic Miss E.T. Hatton at the home of Lord Charles Burly and conducted a seance. During the seance they were visited by the spirit of Lazod who given them the task to live to see the "last days of man" via gifted with immortality, and to importantly watched for the coming of a king who would "refuse his crown" but "in the end would lead [his soldiers] in the last battle" and be killed, in which the chosen seven will cut off his right hand and use it to "elevate [themselves] over all that remains." After the seance the six H.B.R. members dismembered from their respective society, and with Miss Hatton, to formed the Osiris Club.

Over a century, the Club saw Hellboy as their possible candidate as the prophesied king, and had tasked him in slaying a dragon that was slain by St. Leonard in 1954 as a test of his virtue. However, the test remained unclear as Hellboy was able to slain the Saint Leonard Worm, but his blood from his wounds fell to the ground and lilies grew from it, echoing the ancient legend of Saint Leonard.


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