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Quote1 Okay, you two, here's the deal -- I'll stall the one-ton won ton. That should give you about thirty seconds to find a way to stop him before he rips my head off and throws it in my face. Quote2
-- Bruce Campbell

Appearing in "My Name Is Bruce"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Jeff


  • Guan-Di

Other Characters:

  • Clayton (only appearance; dies)
  • Jeff's mother (only appearance)
  • Ling (as a spirit only)
  • Mills Toddner (behind the scenes)
  • Shen (as a spirit only)


  • Gold Lick


  • Bean Curd


  • Jeff's car

Synopsis for "My Name Is Bruce"

In the old mining town of Gold Lick, the spirits of two Chinese miners named Ling and Shen watch over a group of youths partying neared the closed down ruins of the old mine. Surrounding the ruins is a bleak cemetery populated with the bodies of Chinese laborers who died working in the mines. The mineshaft itself is the resting place of Guan-Di – Protector of long dead and forgotten Chinese miners and defender of bean curd.

One of the partiers, Jeff, removes a pendant from the ruins, which was used to keep Guan-Di’s spirit in place. The wrathful protector awakens and begins slaughtering the partiers much to the joy of Ling and Shen. Jeff barely escapes with his life. He believes that salvation can be found in the hands of his favorite B-movie actor – Bruce Campbell.

Jeff succeeds in contacting Bruce Campbell and tells him what transpired at the mine. Bruce, believing the entire affair to be nothing more than a prank staged by his agent, jovially agrees to help the boy out. He learns only too soon that the threat of Guan-Di is very much real. Campbell musters up his courage however and fights Guan-Di head on.

Meanwhile, Jeff's mother learns about Guan-Di’s secondary role as defender of bean curd. She goes to the cabin of the sleeping cemetery caretaker, grabs a few cans of bean curd, and gives them to Bruce Campbell. Bruce wields the bean curd like a crucifix before a vampire. The gambit works surprisingly, as Guan-Di will not strike an opponent who wields bean curd. Bruce lures Guan-Di back to his original resting place and seals him inside the mineshaft by replacing the pendant that Jeff had previously removed. Jeff and his mother are very thankful, and Bruce asks them that if they ever release an ancient demon again they should instead think of calling upon the aid of Buffy rather than himself.


  • My Name is Bruce is a one-shot special and the official adaptation of the 2008 film My Name Is Bruce starring the titular B-movie hero Bruce Campbell.
  • This issue shipped on November 24th, 2008.
  • Shipped with an alternate cover illustrated by Francisco Ruiz Velasco.
  • The events of this issue take place on June 22nd (Bruce Campbell's birthday).


  • A copy of the graphic novel The Man With the Screaming Brain (featuring Bruce Campbell) can be seen in the trunk of Jeff's car.
  • Bruce Campbell makes reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this issue. Buffy is another licensed property of Dark Horse Comics.
  • The cover copy dialogue is a riff on the infamous super-spy 007 introduction, "My name is Bond... James Bond."

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