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Mercy St. Clair is a bounty hunter in the futuristic city of New Gelaph, where people like her are best known as "Trekkers". In her line of work, Mercy has confronted various criminals including the notable crimelord known as Gatefish Strauss[1] and the smuggling leader Stravin.[2]

Mercy was also responsible for capturing the notorious criminal called Hilts on the Wastelands outside of New Gelaph.[3] Afterwards, Mercy had an unpleasant encounter with another Trekker, with whom she teamed up, but he claimed all the bounty for himself.[4]



  • Her equipment or "hardware" as it's also called, consist of a couple of powerful guns and a body-armor with special protective paddings on her shoulders elbows and knees. Most of her gear is connected by leather strips that also serve as anchor for several pouches for various trinkets and gadgets; and she also wears a purple cape; just for the sake of it.