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Colonel Mary Randall was once the leader of a small cell of Resistance soldiers who were to travel back in time to prevent the Terminators from being created. Two of her men were killed before they got to the Time Displacement Equipment, leaving two to defend the place while Colonel Randall and four others leave for 1980's Los Angeles.

Upon arriving in L.A., Mary and her team needed to find clothing and weapons, as they had to strip naked and abandon arms before using the TDE, as the TDE does not allow them to bring future technology into the past. Mary was unaware that Lieutenant Koufaks, the soldier who was to destroy the TDE after Mary and the others used it, had been attacked by a group of Terminators before he could destroy the machinery. The Terminators thus used the equipment to travel to the same location Mary's team had travelled to.

While in the 1980's, Mary began to flirt with Ed Astin, a scientist who had been working alongside Bertram Hollister, the man Mary needed to kill. She was able to convince Dr. Astin to get into a car which she claimed was hers, and Alan emerged from the back seat and held a knife to his throat. Dr. Astin led Mary and Alan to Dr. Hollister's residence, and while there, the Terminators attacked, killing Alan in the process. Mary was able to escape with Dr. Astin.

Sometime later, after two other members of her team had been killed, Mary, Ed and Bart Lukens, the only other member of Mary's team left, formed an alliance with I825.M, a cyborg Terminator who betrayed the other Terminators. The four of them ended up being pursued by two Terminators after I825.M had destroyed a previously damaged Terminator, so that Bertram Hollister, or anybody, could use it to create the Terminators. In the pursuit, Bart was killed, leaving Mary as the only survivor of her team.

Mary since formed a relationship with I825.M, as his human side was in control more than the robotic side.