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The son of Barrison and Krynda Draay, Lucien spent his apprentice years on Coruscant training under Haazen, an aide of his mother. He was eventually assigned to the four seers of the Jedi Covenant as their protector, but retained a sense of inferiority for not being a seer himself. After witnessing a troubling vision on the rogue moon, Lucien, along with the other Jedi Masters with him, murder those they were protecting. When Zayne, his Padawan on Taris, was the only one to escape the Padawan Massacre, Lucien initially did not consider him the threat foretold in the vision on the rogue moon, but has since come to regret underestimating his apprentice and made Zayne's capture his top priority. Lucien is one of the main antagonists of the series, as well as Zayne's personal archenemy.