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Kellaway was a tough cop with anger issues. He worked as a Lieutenant at the Police Department.

Lieutenant Kellaway was the highest ranking officer to become involved in the case regarding Stanley Ipkiss and the Mask. His drive and determination to stop the Mask and uncover Ipkiss' involvement, caused him to become The Mask's greatest rival, although Kellaway couldn't solve the case after Ipkiss was murdered by The Mask.[1]

Becoming The Mask

A month after Ipkiss' death and the disappearance of The Mask, Kellaway was caught up in a hot case in which a notorious drug dealer got an early parole and was soon out of the law's hands, which infuriated him. However, Kellaway's luck would turn as Katherine, Ipkiss' former girlfriend eventually visited him and gave him the Mask to keep it safely locked away. Katherine left the Mask and warned Kellaway not to ever wear it, ot let anyone else wear it. At first, Kellaway thought she was mad, but when he tried the Mask out of curiosity, Kellaway transformed into The Mask and used the powers to go on a brutal rampage against criminals.[2]

Unfortunately, Kellaway got reckless when his desire to capture drug lord, Eugene Rapaz, got the best of him and he murdered the criminal wearing the Mask. Although he thought his secret was safe, an eye-witness complicated matters for Kellaway.[3] He tried to force things in his favor, but in the end, the allegations against him and his violent behaviour caused him to be fired from the police department and soon afterwards, Katherine confronted him, demanding him to return the Mask.[4] At first, they agree that the Mask should not be used, but Kellaway can't help his desire and he wears the Mask once again, capturing more criminals, but also beating and almost killing one of Kellaway's friends. It is then that Kellaway realizes the harsh truth and he buries the Mask in his home's basement.[5]

Not long after this, Kellaway was attacked in his own home by members of the gang he attacked. He tried to retrieve the Mask from the basement, but he was shot in the back. The Mask was stolen by the thugs and Kellaway was taken to a hospital, where he remained in a coma.[6][7][8] As soon as Kellaway recovered, he learn that "Big Head" was now a woman and he deduced that Katherine was wearing the Mask. Taking a vehicle from the hospital's parking lot, Kellaway drove to the place where the Mask was fighting Walter and he drove the car into the burning warehouse, crashing it against Walter and saving Katherine.[9]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The following powers are only granted while wearing The Mask: