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Nat Kol Skywalker, Nat being his older brother. Having Skywalker blood had caused problems for him from the start, for he had killed two Sith while undercover and worked along side hard men, amongst whom he had to learn his place. He did but he also trained people as he went. Kol looked up to Nat but found that coming to this planet was hard, particularly starting a new life, and, in addition, he was very Force sensitive. However, to find the Sith he had to take a potent drug that made him both strong and weak at the same time. He was went of what he did and kept a close look-out a used new technology to catch the Dark Lords and protect the Jedi way. He got very sick along the way but music helped him along with meditation of sorts. His work as a tecnician helped him become an able tracker and and fathering tree childer but because of his work was un able to see them as much now he made ships and worked on building and unleash the secrets of this land witch have been hidden for a long time. Nat is stong in all parts of the hai kai arts and weapons, and with the help of his brother sean sky gee sky walker they were able to protect the family and build a new city.