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Quote1.png There can be no mercy for the enemies of the Emperor! Quote2.png
--Kir Kanos  

Kir's life is unknown before he successfully completed training and became a Royal Guardsman. Of his recruiting class, Kanos and Carnor Jax stood out and were the only survivors.

Kanos remained an active part of the Galactic Empire despite their defeat by the Rebel Alliance at Endor.

He was shocked that Jax's manipulations led ton the destruction of Palpatine's clones. Jax then ordered the massacre of the Imperial Guard by Stormtroopers in order to gain control of Imperial forces; Kanos managed to survive and swore that he would kill all enemies of the New Order.

In fighting Jax,Kanos found himself occasionally working with the New Republic.

Kanos pursued and eventually succeeded in killing Jax, but this act made him the most wanted man in the galaxy by other members of the Imperial Council. Posing as bounty hunter, Kenix Kil, he seeks to restore the Empire purely out of loyalty.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Stormtrooper and Royal Guardsman training; specializing in Ehtani



Royal Guardsman armor


X-Wing starfighter; Scimitar assault bomber


Force pike, vibrostaff, blaster pistol