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Character Synopsis[]

King Tiger is a martial artist and sorcerer who helps fight evil paranormal villains. He also allies himself with with heroes like Ghost. He has many special weapons that help him in his fight including a bow with magical arrows, an ancient sword with demonkilling powers, special magical bullets and a staff carved from the femur of a giant demon. He has a girlfriend Rikki Boyd and a sidekick Milo. He once had a run-in with Focus who mentally reshaped his mind to betray his girlfriend but has since made up with her.

Character Biography[]

King Tiger first met Ghost in Arcadia while he was searching for demons that were running loose in the city. His instinct was to believe she was a demon herself but quickly realized she wasn't and that the monster Cameron Nemo was the greater threat. Nemo responded quickly as well and stabbed Tiger through the heart.

Ghost took Tiger back to Rikki and she helped heal him and the next day Tiger realized that it was Ghost who was in trouble. After he tracked her he found that she was imprisoned by Nemo and Tiger did what he could to free her body but only Ghost could free her mind from the torture Nemo was putting her through. Ghost did eventually free herself and Tiger and Ghost became friends.