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Katherine was the former girlfriend of Stanley Ipkiss and the second person to become The Mask.

As an art collector, Katherine often gathered strange-looking objects and Stanley bought her a strange Mask as a gift. However, Stanley soon discovered the Mask's powers and used them for evil. Stan's activities as the Mask caused Katherine to break up with Stan and take the Mask away from him, which only complicated matters as the police became involved in the whole affair. Eventually, Katherine deduced the powers of the Mask and she stole it from Stanley, using it to gain its powers and murder Stan.[1]

Dropping The Mask

A month after Ipkiss' death and the disappearance of The Mask, Katherine realized the curse of having the Mask and she dropped it at the Police Department, where she delivered it to Lieutenant Kellaway, believing the man could be trusted to keep the Mask locked away and safe. However, the next day Katherine learned of a number of gruesome murders and she called Kellaway to make sure everything was fine, but she began to doubt the cop.[2] When Kellaway was connected to the new waves of crimes by "big head" and after a demonstration of extreme luck, Katherine deduced the truth about Kellaway using the Mask, which prompted her to confront Kellaway and demand him to return the Mask.[3] Kellaway convinced Katherine to let him keep the Mask locked in his home, while she would have the only key. Unfortunately, Katherine realized too late her mistake and she soon retuned to Kellaway's place to set things rights. However, Kellaway had already buried the Mask in his basement.[4]

Recovering the Mask

Kathy wears the Mask

Shortly afterwards, Kellaway was attacked and grievously injured by the mafia, who stole the Mask away from him. Soon, a new ruler of the underworld appears, wearing the Mask and Katherine is informed of Kellaway's critical situation. Taking matters into her own hands, she meets with the new underworld boss in an attempt to seduce him.[5] Her plan was almost successful as she managed to get the man to remove the Mask and she takes it back. However, she is forced to kill the man in the struggle and later, she has to use the Mask to save herself from the other thugs.[6]

For a while, Katherine kept the mask, trying to destroy it or dispose it, without success. However, when the actions of the previous thug who used The Mask kept haunting her, she decided to use the Mask to set things right, but instead, she was attacked by Walter under the instructions of mob boss, Don Mozzo.[7] The fight between them continued for a while until Katherine surrendered and dropped the Mask inside a burning warehouse, where Walter was temporarily stopped by a recovered Kellaway.[8]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The following powers are only granted while wearing The Mask: