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Quote1 There is no hopelessness so sad as that of early youth, when the soul is made up of wants, and has no memories... Quote2
-- George Eliot (Marian Evans Cross)

Appearing in "Boneyard"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Katie Slater (First appearance)
  • President of the United States
  • Louise
  • David (First appearance)
  • Sheriff Wyatt Coffey (Mentioned)
  • Vice-President Jerry Pressman (Mentioned)


  • Climax
    • Hoagy's Hog Haven
  • White House
  • The Greenery (Mentioned)



Synopsis for "Boneyard"

Tony and Jack arrived at the motel, where the former learned that Ducummen and a companion had checked in. Nathan had tied up Ducummen, explaining that the man had been found with a device used to talk to somebody. Then, Nathan and Danny saw Jack and Tony outside and dragged them both inside of their room, tying up the woman.

Meanwhile, Jasmine wandered into a nightclub, alerting Katie Slater, one of Sheriff Coffey's volunteer deputies who arrested her. Katie handcuffed Jasmine and left the club with her in her truck and asked questions. Then, Katie learned on her radio about the incident at Hoagy's Hog Haven. Upon arrival at Hoagy's Hog Haven, they saw the building burning, so Katie went in to get a better look while Jasmine was reunited with Bethany, who broke her free from the handcuffs.

After Vice-President Pressman's death, the president summoned Hilltop to the White House and nominated him to be his new vice-president. Afterwards, Hilltop confronted Sathanas on his prediction that he would become vice-president, as well as the death of his friend Vice-President Pressman.

While wandering in the desert, Jasmine and Bethany fell into a hole in the sand and found themselves in a facility with piles of skeletons and were reunited with their friend David, who had developed green skin.

Back in Climax, Ducummen and Tony elaborated on the origins of the Next Men before spotting police cars outside of their motel room.


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