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Appearing in the 1st Story

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  • Romania
  • Castle Giurescu
  • Szentes Castle
  • Norway



Synopsis for the 1st Story

As Hellboy is leaving the castle, he thinks he hears Giurescu but it is revealed to be Hectate, in a snake form, who tries to get Hellboy to go back to his "old kind" and tells him that he lost himself in humanity. Hellboy and Hectate start fighting as she tells him that he will bring the end of the world and that he cannot escape his own destiny. Hellboy spears her and they both smash through the wall and her skin and flesh burn in the daylight just as the explosives go off and the Castle blows up with Hellboy just outside of it.

Abe Sapien and Clark report back to B.P.R.D. HQ, from the ruins of Szentes Castle, they tell them that they found nothing and they see a pillar of smoke from Hellboy's location, they are told to go and find Hellboy.

In Romania, Baba Yaga's servant, Koku, brings Rasputin an Iron Maiden to initiate Ilsa Hapustein's rebirth, she goes into it and is immediately killed. Rasputin tells Koku that he will be back to see Baba Yaga.

Stephen and two other men find Hellboy's body outside the ruins of Castle Giurescu to drive him to the crossroads.

In Norway, Von Klempt is trying to tempt Kroenen to join him instead of going along with Rasputin's plans but Kurtz gets angry and tries to kill Von Klempt, Kroenen tries to stop Kurtz and ends up stabbing and killing him.

In Romania, Hellboy is chained to a thick wooden pole and Rasputin tells him that he is there to rot and he leaves him there with the iron maiden.


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