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Appearing in "The Wild Hunt, Part 9"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Sir Albert
  • Lord Hamilton
  • Lord Radford

Other Characters:



  • Excalibur

Synopsis for "The Wild Hunt, Part 9"

Hellboy walks through the smoking castle looking for Alice. He enters her room to see her smoking corpse in what is left of her bed. Vasilisa appears again and asks why he did not pull out the sword. Hellboy tells her he is afraid of of his own love of bloodshed. Vasilisa responds that Alice believed the sword would save him. Slowly Hellboy approaches the sword. Many creatures from Hellboy's past look on. Mab comments that Dagda should have lived to see this. Astaroth, Sir Edward Grey, Mohlomi, the Baba Yaga and Koku all look on as Hellboy pulls the sword from the stone.

Suddenly Hellboy stands, sword in hand, with Alice. She remembers nothing of their trip to Morgan's castle. Morgan sits at a table with playing pieces on it. Two skeleton armies face each other one black one white with a red figure in the center.

The Queen of Blood challenges Hellboy saying that even with the sword he is no match for her. Gruagach asks to be restored to his former power but says that she cannot do it. Enraged she rejects him and throws him out of the camp.

The members of the Osiris Club stand around a crystal ball watching Hellboy. Two try to call the Prime Minister but are shot by other members. The men explain that they are the original seven members from the club's founding in 1866 when Larzod appeared to them and told them to await the coming of a king. In the end they plan to cut off his right hand and use it elevate themselves. The original seven kill the remaining 'new' members.

In the mountains the sound of hammers are heard. A King is dead stabbed by a jeweled knife. A short man hammers at a mighty forge. Crying he lifts a helmet in the form of three ravens.


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