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Appearing in "The Wild Hunt, Part 6"

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Synopsis for "The Wild Hunt, Part 6"

Hellboy, Alice and Morgan le Fay sit at a table and talk. Morgan asks Hellboy if he knows who she is. Hellboy answers that Mogan is King Arthur's half-sister, and mother of Arthur's only son, Mordred. Mordred and Arther killed each other in battle, and Arthur's remaining knights killed Mordred's three sons. However Mordred also had a daughter, and she lived producing a line of daughters, witches all. Morgan says that the final daughter was Sarah Hughes, Hellboy's mother. She explains that Hughes married the demon Azzael in 1574, and though she tried to repent on her deathbed, (as seen in The Chained Coffin), her human children were killed and only Hellboy remains as the heir to King Arthur and rightful King of Britain.

Morgan takes Hellboy through a door and into a hilly meadow. In the center in a small pool lies a sword in a stone. She tells him that because he died and lived again the noble dead of Britain will follow him into battle.

Hellboy asks who the Queen of Blood really is. Morgan explains that she is Vivienne, also called Nimue, who charmed Merlin and took his power. She heard the call of the Ogdru Jahad and it drove her mad. The other witched killed her, but now she lives again, and only wants blood.

Hellboy has a flashback to when he killed the giants. He sees his potential to become the beast of the Apocalypse, but breaks off his horns denying that path. She tells him that with the sword he can save his people. Hellboy asks Morgan, now clearly a dead corpse, why she cares about the world. She responds that her son, Mordred, should have been king, but that Hellboy will be.

Appearing in "The MonsterMen in O Sinner Beneath Us!, Part Two"

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Synopsis for "The MonsterMen in O Sinner Beneath Us!, Part Two"

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  • This is the first issue that Hellboy's birth mother's name is revealed.


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