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Synopsis for "The Wild Hunt, Part 5"

Gruagach sits with his head resting in the Queen of Blood's lap. She sees that her army is beginning to assemble. Gruagach says that he could serve her better if he was restored to his former power. She says that when the time is right he will be strong again and Hellboy will be his.

The bird women tell Hellboy that the castle has been under siege by demons for five hundred years. Hellboy goes to defeat the demon gaurding the bridge. The demon throws Hellboy around, until one of the lesser demons in the moat of fire tells Hellboy his secret. Hellboy cracks the demon's ring and the assembled legions disappear.

Once inside an old man gives Alice a cup of medicine. Helboy turns around to see the lady of the castle, Morgan le Fey.

The Queen of Blood greets an ambassador from Jutland. He says that on the day of battle his king will fight at her side, and gives her a crown. She orders the ambassador to hammer the crown into a knife to kill his king and to make her an iron helmet in the form of three ravens. She says she will be known not as the Queen of Witches but as Goddess of War.

Appearing in "The MonsterMen in Sinner Beneath Us!"

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Synopsis for "The MonsterMen in Sinner Beneath Us!"

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  • While fighting on the bridge a lesser demon offers to help Hellboy but says "remember me-- when you come into your kingdom." This is a reference to the Gospel of Luke 23:42. While Jesus is on the cross two criminals are also being crucified. One mocks Jesus, but the other rebukes him saying that they as criminals deserve their punishment, but that Jesus is innocent. The criminal ask Jesus, "remember me when you come into your kingdom." Previously, in Darkness Calls #6, Igor Bromhead also asked Hellboy to remember him when he leads the army of hell.


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