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Appearing in "The Wild Hunt, Part 3"

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  • England



Synopsis for "The Wild Hunt, Part 3"

Hellboy travels to Alice Monaghan's house in Ireland. Alice says that she started to see the fairies again. Hellboy says that he meant to come sooner after Dagda's funeral, but that he ran into trouble. Alice says that they have to go meet someone.

The woman sits on the box that once held her body. A witch approaches her and tells the Queen that the witches are hiding until they know what she will do. The Queen harms two witch who betrayed her, and forgives all other witches for leaving her in the box. She calls for an army of forgotten peoples to rise with her.

Hellboy and Alice travel to meet with Queen Mab. Alice tells Hellboy that there is going to be a war. She explains that it is Hellboy's fault because he wronged Gruagach, destroyed Hecate, and refused to be king of the witches, so that Gruagach raised a new queen. Mab appears and tells them that the new queen of witches only wants war and bloodshed. She explains that while on The Island the dead man took his blood and became the thing Hellboy was meant to be. Hellboy was sent to destroy the world, even if he rejects it. Mab says he cannot escape it, but his only chance is through his mother, and that he is bound to wear a crown and raise an army to oppose the Queen of Blood. A small creature appears as the issue ends.

Appearing in "How Koschei Became Deathless (part two of two)"

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Synopsis for "How Koschei Became Deathless (part two of two)"

Koshchei's body was taken into the woods and found by the dragon. The dragon used great magic to bring him back from the dead. The dragon kept his soul separate so that as long as it remained safe, Koshchei could not die. They hid his soul in an egg in a duck in a rabbit in a goat hidden in a hollow tree.

Koshchei returned to the world, and took his revenge on his killers. His wife begged for mercy, but without a soul he no longer had any mercy to give.


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