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  • Hyperboria (In flashback only)


  • Right Hand of Doom

Synopsis for "The Island, Part 2"

Hellboy stands in a nondescript plain next to Mohlomi. Hellboy asks Mohlomi if he is dead. Hellboy says he is not ready to be dead, Mohlomi responds, “Then you should live.”

Hellboy wakes up at the feet of the old man. The old man tells Hellboy that he was been reborn from all of Hellboy's blood. The man tells Hellboy his story. In the 1500's the man was a young priest in the New World. Under the city of Tenochtitlan, he learned the secret history of the world, as inscribed on three golden tablets. The tablets were destroyed, and the man turned over to the Inquisition. Eventually he escaped and was brought to the Island as a human repository of the beginning of all things.

The man recites the true history to Hellboy. One of the Watchers took fire out of the air, and created the Ogdru Jahad with it. From the Ogdru Jahad came forth the 369 Ogdru Hem. The Watchers went to war with the Ogdru Hem, until only the Ogdru Jahad remained. The Watcher who had created them imprisoned them in the abyss. The other Watchers killed him out of fear at what he had done, and destroyed his body, except for his right hand. Later the first men, the golden people, built cities in Hyperboria, and made the hand their sacred object. King Thoth had a statue built and put the hand into it. When Hyperboria fell through the actions of The Black Goddess the statue was destroyed, but the hand remained.

The man tells Hellboy that the Ogdru Hem were defeated, but still live. One day they will awaken and reclaim the earth. The frog monsters are the final race of man, and they will raise the Ogdru Hem out of the earth. The man reveals that the monster Hellboy fought was Urgo-Hem born out of his blood.

The man transforms into a demonic creature fights Hellboy. Hellboy is thrown outside, and Urgo-Hem lunges for him. The Monster is impaled on broken ship mast, and dies. The ghost of the Priest condemns the long dead man to Hell.

Mohlomi stands with the masked hooded man on an empty plain. The man asks Mohlomi if he knows what he has done. Mohlomi responds “what is life without risk.” Mohlomi says he is ready to go with the man.

Hellboy gets on a small boat and sets sail, as Hecate looks on from shore.


  • The transformation of the man into a demon is similar to the transformation of the chimpanzee in Dr. Carp's Experiment. In both stories Hellboy's blood is the catalyst of the transformation.
  • The story was republished together with The Third Wish and a new six page epilogue in Hellboy: Strange Places in August 2006.


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