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  • Right Hand of Doom

Synopsis for "The Island, Part 1"

In the aftermath of The Third Wish, Hellboy washes up on a shore covered in beached ships. Hellboy enters one of the ships and drinks with a group of sailors. He hears a loud noise and looks out of the window. When he looks back Hellboy sees that the sailors have been long dead. Hellboy steps outside and is confronted by Hecate. She is glad the Bog Roosh did not kill him, and again asks Hellboy to join her and end the world. Hellboy again refuses.

Hellboy finds a castle on the island and decides, against his better judgment, to explore.

The action shifts to a priest and a group of knights as they denounce and execute an old man. They impale the old man with many spears. His yellow blood flows out of the castle. As Hellboy steps into the yellow blood, a giant creature rises out of it. Hellboy attacks the monster, but in the end he is impaled by one of the creature's giant claws.

The old dieing man tells the priest that he will die, only to rise again in 500 years. Hellboy, thrown by the monster, falls lifeless next to the long dead body of the old man. The man begins to return to life, revived by Hellboy's blood.


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