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Appearing in "The Crooked Man, Part 3"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Tom Ferrell


  • Crooked Man

Other Characters:

  • Effie Kolb


  • Appalachian Mountains, Virginia (1958)


  • Lucky bone

Synopsis for "The Crooked Man, Part 3"

The Crooked Man calls out to Tom that they had a deal, that now is the time to pay up. The Priest tells him that he is the Lord's now, but the Crooked Man is unfazed. Hellboy, fed up with the Crooked Man, steps out of the church. Pickets fly off the fence and stab Hellboy. Furious, the priest calls out the Crooked Man by name. He tells him to come into the church and take Tom or to return to Hell.

The Crooked Man tries to tempt the priest into giving Tom over. A treasure bursts out into the floor of the church, but the priest is unmoved. The Crooked Man makes the priest twenty years younger, but still he is unmoved. The Crooked Man brings a young woman back from the dead to tempt the priest. Slowly all the dead buried in the churchyard rise from the dead as the witches recall their sins. Hellboy and Tom fight the dead.

The Crooked Man tries to make a new deal with Tom, and tells Hellboy that everyone knows he is a Devil. The Priest takes the bone from Tom. He forces the Holy Spirit into the bone and forces the evil out. He consecrates a shovel and gives it to Hellboy. Hellboy hits the Crooked Man and in an instant he vanishes and the witches run away.

In the morning, the priest, Tom and Hellboy bury Tom's father. Afterward Tom and Helloby head in to the wood to get rid of the cat bone. The enter the house of the Crooked Man only to find a tentacled horror embracing jars of money. Tom tosses the bone, now consecrated, to the Crooked Man. The Crooked Man and his 'gold' disappear.

As they head back to the church, Hellboy finds Effie. Without the Crooked Man, she has turned old. Tom places the bit and bridal onto her and she turns into a horse. Hellboy and Tom leave her after painting "Beware! I am a witch!" on her side.


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