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Appearing in "The Crooked Man, Part 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Tom Ferrell
  • Cora (Dies)


  • Crooked Man
  • Effie Kolb

Other Characters:


  • Appalachian Mountains, Virginia (1958)


  • Lucky bone

Synopsis for "The Crooked Man, Part 2"

The three, Hellboy, Tom and Cora, walk up the mountain into the woods. As they approach the coal mines, Cora stops afraid to continue. Tom explains that the mines are full of 'Melungion Witches,' decedents of the original settlers from Roanoke. The trio keep going, until suddenly the sky does dark as night falls. The witches call out to Cora from the mines. Suddenly Cora bursts into a mass of insects, snakes and frogs. The creatures swarm Hellboy.

Tom uses his lucky bone to free them from the swarm. Effie appears and tells Tom that even if he did not before, the Crooked Man owns him now. Hellboy shoots Effie. Hellboy and Tom arrive at the church. The priest tells them that a girl had already told him they would come. He tells them that the ghost of Cora sits in the church. Slowly witches surround the church ground. The priest says that the witches cannot touch holy ground. Just as Hellboy is about confront the witches, the Crooked Man appears. He states that he is here to collect on Tom's debt and that he is not afraid of Hellboy.


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