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Appearing in "The Crooked Man, Part 1"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Tom Ferrell
  • Cora


  • Effie Kolb
  • Crooked Man

Other Characters:


  • Appalachian Mountains, Virginia (1958)


  • Witch ball
  • Lucky bone

Synopsis for "The Crooked Man, Part 1"

In 1958 in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, Hellboy sits in a cabin with a witched girl. A local woman says that is must have been Cora Fisher, because the two had been seen fighting.

Just then Tom Ferrell, a local, entered the cabin. He found a witch ball and showed it to Hellboy. Tom tells the locals to burn the witch ball and boil her clothes, while he and Hellboy go to find Cora. Tom says he wants to stop and see his parents first, but he is told his mother is dead and his father has not been see since he left town.

Tom and Hellboy start walking. Tom says that he has been gone for 20 years, but decided it was time to home come. Hellboy says that he is just passing through. The pair talk and Tom says that the Devil cannot enter a church and that therefore Hellboy cannot be the Devil. Tom also says that Hellboy looks nothing like the Devil.

The two come to Cora's cabin. Tom finds a number of witch balls, a scratched out bible, and a large bug trapped in a bottle, hidden in the floor. Tom hears a voice calling to him and realizes that the bug is her demon familiar. Hellboy interrupts points to an empty human skin on the bed. The two decide to wait for Cora to return for her skin.

Hellboy asks Tom about the time he saw the devil. Tom replies that is was when he was only 15 years old. A girl, Effie Kolb, convinced him to become a witch. He made a pact with the Crooked Man, a dead local man who served the devil. Tom ran, but kept a lucky cat bone made as part of the pact. Tom kept running and ended up in the army serving in the Pacific. The Bone kept him safe, but he never used it to hurt anyone.

A Raccoon entered the house and crawled into Cora's skin, changing back into the girl. Cora explained that she became a witch out of desperation, but that she regretted it. Just then Effie rode up on an old worn out horse. She tells them that the Crooked man wants Cora back and that he knows Tom has returned. She also Gives Tom the Horse and flies away. Tom removes the horse's bit and it turns back into Tom's father and dies.

Tom, Hellboy and Cora set off up the mountain to the church so that they can bury Tom's father.


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