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Synopsis for "Seed of Destruction Part 4"

As Liz's power flows into Sadu Hem, the Ogdru Jahad are seen rumbling in their prisons. An unknown alien race is seen observing the events, fearing that "the Seven" will devour the universe once they have blackened the earth. Hellboy continues to battle with Olafssen, before finding a concussion grenade and forcing it down his throat, apologizing to whatever little human sense remains in the creature.

Rasputin rejoices in his nearing victory, reciting the same spell he had used fifty years ago in his attempt to summon the creature. However, before he completes the spell, he is speared through the chest by Abe, who is under the possession of a vengeful Elihu Cavendish. With the monk's concentration broken, Liz's fire-power becomes uncontrollable, frying Sadu Hem and causing the cavern to collapse. Abe awakens from Cavendish's control and leaps forward to save Liz, before greeting Hellboy and then carrying Liz out a nearby staircase.

A furious Rasputin then attempts to kill Hellboy, but the majority of his power spent, he is unable to do so. He tries to blackmail the demon, telling him that if he kills him, he will never know his true purpose. Hellboy smashes Rasputin's skull with his giant right hand, and runs up the staircase himself, before leaving the hall and watching it sink into the lake. Abe and Liz try to quiz him on what happened in the cave, as well as the identity of the wizard, but Hellboy is reluctant to inform them.

As Hellboy recalls the monk's last words, the scene changes to an abandoned castle in Norway, which bears the ruins of an old, esoteric Nazi laboratory. The figures of Kroenen, Ilsa and Kurtz - Rasputin's old disciples - are seen frozen into the wall in a thick sheet of ice. However, a nearby device blinks into life, and the ice begins to crack...


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