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Appearing in "Conqueror Worm, Part 4"

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  • Hunte Castle


  • Right Hand of Doom

Synopsis for "Conqueror Worm, Part 4"

The Conqueror Worm tried to eat Roger but threw him aside, falling near Hellboy. Hellboy tries to use the Alien device to defeat the Worm, but Klempt's robot body grabs it out of Hellboy's hand and crushes it.

Inger, transformed, is visited by Grigori Rasputin in the bowels of the castle. Inger despairs that her dream of reestablishing the Nazi dream is futile, in the face of the Worm. Rasputin confirms that the Worm will destroy the world, but that after the destruction a new world will be born, and a new race of man.

Hellboy and Roger try to stop the Worm without success. They then realize that the Worm is weak against electricity. Roger discharges the energy he took from the generator and absorbs the Worm. The Worm begins to control Roger's mind, and he begs Hellboy to destroy him. Hellboy will not kill him, and Klempt's flying head comes to mock them. Roger grabs the head and leaps off the cliff shattering the glass and killing Klempt.

Lobster Johnson finds Inger and kills her. The Lobster and Hellboy rush down the mountain and find Roger. The Lobster puts a metal rod into Roger's chest and lightning destroys the Worm and as well reviving Roger. Hellboy and Roger look back and see the long dead body of Lobster Johnson.

Hellboy, disgusted by the B.P.R.D. putting a bomb in Roger and concerned about his own destiny, quits the Bureau. He tells Kate Corrigan that he plans to travel to Africa, and after that "wherever the wind blows."


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