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Quote1 I need to get a look at this Vortex Man, and see how many rounds I will need to take him down. Quote2

  Grace turned to Vortex.

Grace formed the superhero team known as Catalyst, the Agents of Changement, in order to defend Golden City. She also broke Warmaker out of prison, and then confronted him together with Ruby, Mecha, Titan and Rebel. At the end of the battle, however, Rhapsody was killed. At this point Grace defeated Warmaker with only three punches and declared Golden City independent from America. After several clashes between American armed troops and the Catalysts, Golden City officially became an autonomous state. Later she and Titan clashed, because Titan did not approve of Grace's way of ruling. Grace won and Titan became an American paladin. She then clashed with Titan again during the Will to Power saga. The first time she managed to knock him out, but during their following confrontation she was beaten and was forced to ask Vortex for help. Her position as president of Golden City was then usurped by Law. When Law is killed by a Predator she again becomes the monarch of Golden City.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Teleportation: Grace can create teleportation diamonds.
  • Flight: Grace can fly at supersonic speed. She can fly faster as Titan.
  • Self-Sustenance: She can also survive in space without a suit.
  • Superspeed: Grace can run very fast. She was able to catch Warmaker before he hit a girl with his arm-mounted rifle.
  • Superhuman reflections: Grace is able to react to attacks very quickly, and to stop abruptly when flying at high speeds.
  • High superstrength: Grace's strength is extremely high. She managed to defeat Warmaker with three punches, she injured Titan by slapping him, and admitted she often moderates her super strength so as not to kill innocent people.
  • Invulnerability: Grace cannot be injured in any way by conventional weapons.
  • Create illusions: Grace can, by teleporting very quickly, create illusions.


Social intelligence: Grace is a skilled psychologist of the masses. She can also easily manipulate people.

Strength level

The limits of Grace's strength are unknown. Probably she can easily lift hundreds of tons.



Flying and teleporting