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Madman is a fictional superhero owned by Mike Allred whose comics have been published by multiple different publishers over the years. His name, Frank Einstein, is in reference to Dr. Egon Boiffard and Dr. Gillesepie Flem's artistic and scientific heroes: Frank Sinatra and Albert Einstein. They named Frank that when they resurrected him, and he had come back with supernatural powers and amnesia. Frank was originally born as Zane Townsend, an agent of the Tri-eye Agency who was killed in a car accident. The only thing Frank can remember clearly from before he was resurrected is a childhood memory of his favorite comic book hero, Mr. Excitement, who is the reason why he has an exclamation bolt on his suits.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Supernatural aptitude in learning, psychometry, clairvoyance

Strength level

He has supernatural reflexes which aid him in battle.



Full body outfit covering everything but his hair, special bag he puts all his things in, a leather jacket Joe gave to him as a gift he really loves.


A yo-yo



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