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Prior to Season Eight

For extensive background prior to the Season Eight, please see either the Dawn Summers Wikipedia entry or Dawn Summers at the Buffyverse Wiki.

Season Eight

After her sister Buffy Summers had drastically changed the world by "activating" all possible Slayers on Earth, Dawn's relationship with Buffy has become further strained. This may be due mostly to that fact that hundreds of Slayers have moved in with them and Buffy now pays them more attention.

In the first Season Eight arc Long Way Home, we learn that Dawn has become a giant, which Buffy believes is the result of losing her virginity to a "thricewise" named Kenny. Xander, however, believes that she may have subconsciously brought it on herself as a way of gaining Buffy's attention after so many new Slayers moved in with them. Dawn does not want to speak with Buffy about her condition, preferring to wait for Willow, who Dawn describes as "like a mom to me." Dawn has indicated that she wants to leave Scotland once her condition is back to normal, possibly to go to Berkeley, which is where Buffy wants Dawn to go to school. Dawn begins to accept the advantages of being super-sized when she stomps on malevolent witch Amy Madison, knocking her unconscious and allowing Willow to capture her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Dawn is a human being who, as the mentally unstable can see, is really a green ball of energy. With the right ritual, her blood opens a dimensional portal to all universes, bringing chaos and destruction to Earth within minutes. It's never made entirely clear if Dawn is actually human or still the transfigured key. As of Season six Dawn believed she didn't open anything anymore.

Dawn's experience in battling vampires and demons has made her a more capable fighter and spellcaster with the ability to cast spells from memory. She can also read a variety of languages ranging from Turkish to Latin. Dawn has grown to rarely flinch when in danger, and her loyalty to her sister and friends is absolute.

In Season Eight, Dawn mystically grows to the size of a giant, an event which becomes a recurring gag in the series. However, she is not as proportionally strong as she is large, as mentioned by Buffy. Nevertheless, she still takes an active role in large scale battles, decommissioning enemies with super-sized kicks. She is shown to be able to damage a large stone wall by punching it, although she hurts her hand in the process.