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Appearing in "Week 2"

Featured Characters:

  • Pit Bulls (First appearance)
    • Butch (First appearance)
    • Spike (First appearance)
    • Duke (First appearance)
    • Queenie (First appearance)

Supporting Characters:

  • Anita (First appearance)


  • X
  • Armed men

Other Characters:

  • John Wellman (unseen)
  • Larry Briggs (mentioned)




Synopsis for "Week 2"

In Nevada, in 1942, two individuals stood above an underground facility where the UFO was being stored.

In the present-day waterfront of Arcadia, Lieutenant Wellman called a woman named Anita, informing her that Larry Briggs was killed by X in his office and asked her to send her people to bring in X alive. Anita informed Butch, who went to Spike and Duke to break up a fight between them. Queenie called them all over to watch a news report about X breaking into the headquarters of Bradstreet Construction. The Pit Bulls went to pursue X. Meanwhile, armed men were searching for X, when the vigilante carved an X onto the Bradstreet Construction building with an excavator. The Pit Bulls arrived on the scene and fought X, subduing him. The armed men attempted to take them all in and moved in, but X broke free and ran off, while Brother Meresin and Brother Paimon watched. Then, the Pit Bulls fought against the armed men, but were called off by Anita, once X was out of sight.


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