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From an unstoppable cyborg to a middle-aged man living in the suburbs of future burbank, Nixon's origin sure is confusing, nonetheless entertaining as hell, some people say he's a cyborg, and according to people who worked in Dark Horse at that time, that seems to be the correct answer, Nixon's a cyborg, yet he has delusions of being a regular guy. He battles against fearsome opponents although he manages to win every single time, he does so his way, I.E. lots of blood and guts everywhere, always packing a pair of his "i-don't-know-how-much" high caliber guns. Nixon, an honest tax collector roams the streets in his T-Bird. He also seems to have a strange pattern of speech, often talking about being an insurance investigator and a guy named Seltz that has a beautiful wife and two kids, he has a slight tendency for redundancy, he always repeats the same even while fighting. Is he damaged? Is he crazy? One can only guess.


Nixon was created for use in Dark Horse Comicsby Frank Miller and drawn by Geof Darrow, his first appearance is in Hard Boiled #1 which was released in September, 1990.