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Appearing in "The Ballad of Talky-Walky"

Featured Characters:

  • Colonel Weird

Supporting Characters:



  • Alien robots

Other Characters:

  • Lucy Weber


  • Olser star system Template:Flash (First appearance)
    • Talky's home planet Template:Flash (First appearance)
      • New Technopolis Template:Flash (First appearance)
  • Para-Zone (Mentioned)
  • Rockwood
    • Black Hammer Farm
  • Saturn (Mentioned) Template:Flash



  • Colonel Weird's ship

Synopsis for "The Ballad of Talky-Walky"

Years ago, in deep space, Colonel Weird responded to a distress beacon from an uncharted planet. While investigating the planet, Colonel Weird encountered a race of robotic beings and was pursued by them until he was saved by TLK-E WLK-E. Upon being saved, Colonel Weird declared that it would be "the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

In the present, at the Black Hammer Farm, Colonel Weird had just shot Talky, claiming that he had no other choice.

In the past, while Colonel Weird and Talky were escaping in a ship, they crashed, shortly before introducing themselves to each other. Talky revealed that he had sent the distress signal. Then, Talky took Colonel Weird to his home of New Technopolis and asked him to take him away from his home planet.

Colonel Weird visited Lucy and told her about the Para-Zone, prompting her to ask if and how they could leave the farm. However, Colonel Weird refused to answer and disappeared.

Colonel Weird was reluctant to take Talky back with him to Earth, but when they were attacked by other robots, he had changed his mind and flew away with him in his ship.

In the present, Talky continued to lay on the barn floor.


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