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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

  • Golden Gail

Supporting Characters:

  • Sherlock Frankenstein (First appearance) (In flashback only)
  • Lucy Weber


Other Characters:

  • Abraham Slam (Mentioned)
  • Colonel Weird
  • Father Drake (Mentioned)
  • Father Quinn
  • Frankenlock Worldwide (First appearance) (In flashback only)
  • Golden Family (First appearance) (In flashback only)
    • Captain Golden (First appearance) (In flashback only)
    • Golden Gary (First appearance) (In flashback only)
    • Golden Goose (First appearance) (In flashback only)
    • Golden Gwen (First appearance) (In flashback only)
  • Mark Markz/Barbalien
  • Talky-Walky


  • Rockwood
    • Rockwood Public Library
    • The Ugly Duckling (First appearance)
  • Spiral City (In flashback only)



Synopsis for the 1st Story

A younger Golden Gail was flying through Spiral City until she had met the rest of the Golden Family. Gail explained that she founded the Golden Family to distribute part of her powers to each of them, so that they could replace her one day. Gail transformed into her civilian guise and declared that she was retiring, much to the disapproval of the team.

In the present, the owner of The Ugly Duckling entered the bar and found Gail smoking and drinking. He attempted to phone her "grandfather", but she flew away. Lucy visited the Rockwood Public Library to learn more about the town, but when she picked up the books, she realized that they were blank. Barbalien (as Mark Markz) and Father Quinn were running a bazaar at the church. At the house, Gail attempted to transform into a superhero by yelling "Zafram!", but only ended up shattering a mirror.

In the past, Golden Gail appeared before Sherlock Frankenstein outside of the Frankenlock Worldwide building. Sherlock Frankenstein claimed that he reformed and given up his villainous ways. Gail entered the building and announced to Frankenstein that she would be retiring, as well. Then, Gail and Frankenstein shared a kiss.

In the present, Gail cried as she remembered her past with Frankenstein. Lucy visited Talky in the barn, where she found him working on a new probe. While talking to Talky, she had a sudden flash. After Lucy left the barn, Colonel Weird entered and shot Talky with a blaster.


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