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Appearing in "Black Hammer Falls!"

Featured Characters:

  • Abraham Slam
  • Golden Gail
  • Barbalien
  • Talky-Walky
  • Colonel Weird
  • Madame Dragonfly
  • Lucy Weber

Supporting Characters:

  • Black Hammer (In flashback only) (Dies)
  • Lorraine Weber (First appearance) (In flashback only)
  • Starlok (First appearance) (In flashback only)


  • Anti-God (In flashback only)
  • Jackhammer (In flashback only) (First appearance)
  • Demolition Squad (In flashback only) (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Pete
  • Lightriders (In flashback only) (First appearance)
    • Previous Black Hammer (In flashback only) (Dies) (First appearance)
    • The Escaper (In flashback only) (First appearance)
    • Whiptara (In flashback only) (First appearance)
    • Time-Boy (In flashback only) (First appearance)
    • Warpie the Chrono-Pup (In flashback only) (First appearance)
  • Father Quinn (Mentioned)


  • Earth
    • Rockwood
    • Spiral City (In flashback only)
  • New World (In flashback only) (First appearance)



Synopsis for "Black Hammer Falls!"

In a flashback, after a day of work at a soup kitchen, Joseph Weber came upon the Black Hammer, who died, as the latter's hammer called to the former. Joseph was transported from Spiral City to New World, where he met Starlok and the Lightriders. Starlok told Joseph the history behind New World and that he had been chosen to become the new Black Hammer. Joe returned home to his wife Lorraine and realized that he had been gone for four months and that she was pregnant.

In the present, Abe, Barbalien, and Walky asked Lucy how she had gotten there, hoping to learn about how they can escape as well. After a brief argument, Lucy asked where her father was.

In the past, Joe, as Black Hammer, defeated the Jackhammer and his Demolition Squad before making it to Lucy's tenth birthday celebration. Starlok summoned Joe, who refused to come to New World and instead, chose to celebrate his daughter's birthday.

Back in the present, Lucy was contemplating her father's death, after Abe had told her of it. Then, Lucy asked to see where her father was buried.

In the past, Black Hammer said goodbye to his daughter and promised that he would not die, before leaving her to fight the Anti-God. Black Hammer defeat the Anti-God, which caused a flash that had him and the other heroes find themselves at the farm. Black Hammer wanted to return to Spiral City to make sure the Anti-God was dead and save his daughter. He flew into the sky, but his clothes, skin, and organs were ripped off, killing him.

In the present, the heroes took Lucy to where her father was buried and told her what had happened.


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