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Appearing in "The Odyssey Of Randall Weird"

Featured Characters:

  • Colonel Weird

Supporting Characters:

  • Talky-Walky
  • Eve Argo (First appearance)


  • Anti-God Template:Flash

Other Characters:

  • Abraham Slam
  • Barbalien/Mark Markz
  • Madame Dragonfly
  • Gail Gibbons
  • Tammy Truehart Template:Flash
  • Father Quinn Template:Flash


  • Earth
    • Rockwood
    • Spiral City Template:Flash
  • Para-Zone (First appearance)
  • 1955
    • Virus-6 Template:Flash (First appearance)
  • 1964



Synopsis for "The Odyssey Of Randall Weird"

Colonel Weird was journeying through the Para-Zone, reliving his memories. In 1955, Colonel Weird and Talky-Walky were on a mission in Virus-6 and found a star chart. They were given permission to investigate. In the present, Colonel Weird visited Madame Dragonfly. Barbalien, in the form of Mark Markz, stopped by Father Quinn's house and offered to help him in the local church bazaar. Colonel Weird, in plain sight, approached Barbalien, much to his dismay. Back in 1955, Colonel Weird and Talky-Walky were investigating a spot found on the star chart, with the colonel interacting and entering a doorway, where he met his future self and was trapped. In another memory, Colonel Weird visited his long-lost wife Eve Argo in 1964. He returned to the present, where he had upset Gail by entering her room. He went back into the Para-Zone and saw a memory of Eve wanting to go to the Para-Zone with him. Colonel Weird left the Para-Zone and had beer with Abe, who thanked him for dinner with Tammy.


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