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Appearing in "Slam Bam Thank You, Ma'am!"

Featured Characters:

  • Abraham Slam
  • Golden Gail
  • Barbalien/Mark Markz
  • Colonel Weird

Supporting Characters:

  • Tammy Truehart


  • Cthu-lou (First appearance)
  • Sheriff Truehart

Other Characters:

  • Talky-Walky
  • Madame Dragonfly
  • Lucy Weber
  • Doctor Star
  • Punch Socklingham (First appearance) (Dies) (In flashback only)
  • Black Hammer (In flashback only)


  • Rockwood
    • Black Hammer Farm
  • Spiral City
    • Socklingham Boxing Gym (First appearance) (In flashback only)


  • Black Hammer


Synopsis for "Slam Bam Thank You, Ma'am!"

In a flashback, Abraham Slamkowski was distraught after being rejected from the U.S. Army. He was approached by a man named Punch Socklingham, who offered to teach him how to fight. Eventually, after training, Abraham took the name "Abraham Slam", but not long before he witnessed Punch being gunned down in front of him by criminals led by Mr. Olsen. In the present, Abe was preparing for dinner with Tammy. Gail searched for her old uniform in the basement, while Colonel Weird was saddened by Abe asking him not to come to the dinner. At night, Tammy came to the house and Gail came from the basement dressed in black makeup. During dinner, Gail had provoked Abe. In 1979, Abraham Slam fought against Cthu-lou, while the Black Hammer took the latter of the two combatants away. Colonel Weird arrived for dinner in disguise, encouraging Gail to apologize to Tammy. After dinner, Abe had attempted to apologize for his family, but was stopped by Tammy and the two shared a kiss, as Sheriff Truehart watched from a distance, while Madame Dragonfly watched him. In Spiral City, Lucy contacted the semiretired Doctor Star, who spotted a doorway on a telescope.


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