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Appearing in "The Curse of Zafram!"

Featured Characters:

  • Abraham Slam
  • Golden Gail
  • Barbalien
  • Talky-Walky
  • Colonel Weird
  • Madame Dragonfly

Supporting Characters:

  • Zafram (First appearance) (Flashback)
  • Miss Roundtree (First appearance)


  • Doctor Sherlock Frankenstein (First appearance) (Flashback)

Other Characters:

  • Brock Hanson (First appearance)
  • Tammy Truehart (Mentioned)


  • Rockwood
  • Spiral City (In flashback only)


  • Robo-King (Flashback)


Synopsis for "The Curse of Zafram!"

During the Golden Age, outside of a theater in Spiral City, Gail Gibbons met a man who, under unknown circumstances, knew her name. She entered the theater and met a wizard named Zafram, who gave her a costume and his superpowers after she spoke his name. Then, Zafram began to weaken. In the present, Gail reluctantly got into a school bus for school. Meanwhile, Barbalien and Talky-Walky were working on a probe that they launched into the sky, but lost contact with. Colonel Weird came to Madame Dragonfly's cabin, worried about her. In the Golden Age, Doctor Sherlock Frankenstein was piloting Robo-King and terrorizing the city. Gail was contemplating whether or not she should transform. At school, Ms. Roundtree, a teacher found Gail in a bathroom stall, smoking. Abraham visited the school to discuss Gail getting into trouble and Madame Dragonfly posed as Gail's mother. Ms. Roundtree suggested calling child services, but Madame Dragonfly used her magic to change the former's mind. Gail explained that she used to dislike being Golden Gail, but as she became older, she enjoyed it, until she came to the farm, where her magic didn't work. The probe that Talky-Walky and Barbalien launched came hurdling from space to Earth.


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